Tenderpaw Hock Braces for Dogs


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The Tenderpaw Hock Braces for Dogs:

  • PREMIUM QUALITY: The Tenderpaw Hock Braces for Dogs are made of premium quality neoprene and nylon material that is soft and strong.
  • LIGHTWEIGHT: The Hock Braces are lightweight, breathable and comfortable to provide optimal compression and faster recovery.
  • IMPROVED RECOVERY: They are provided in pairs to reduce strains on both legs and improve recovery time.
  • SNUG FIT: The Hock Braces are righly sized to be snug fit, and don’t rub against the dog’s skin to have rashes.
  • REFLECTIVE STRAPS: Each brace has four reflective velcro straps that are designed for easy and secure wear, no rolling, moving or sliding down.
  • SIZE: Refer to Size for correct order.
  • FREE RETURNS: We offer complete peace of mind with free returns.

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